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 PT. GLOBAL NIAGA INTERNUSA (GNI) a multi business trading company, providing effective solution in Asia supply chain. GNI brings best competitive and quality options to our client.

Other than our Core Capabilities, GNI also provides foreign business entity support in setting up their business in Indonesia, a one stop solution.

We also provide our client in Indonesia the easiness in doing business with international business entity, such as:
- Product search
- Product & Manufacturer verification
- Quality assurance and control
What we seek to achieve
GNI seeks to create a fast dynamic business to compete with the coming of international trade. We are here to grasp the opportunity and become one the most reliable global trading company in Indonesia.
What we stand for
We understand that a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship is built upon trust. We want our client to trust us therefore we strongly persist to always provide a sincere and high integ... [Details]
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